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    OZ Pest Controllers: A Company With Helpful
    Facilities For Pest Inspection & Control Australia-Wide

    OZ Pest Controllers has been offering pest inspection, control and removal services to the people who are living in Australia. Our experts give specific pest control services with professional methods. We are working with the popular name of OZ Pest Controllers. Our latest technologies are sufficient to deal with pest activities and pest removal tasks. We are capable of controlling pests with the fastest techniques.

    Moreover, the pesticides that we use to control the pest are efficient to complete the task of pest control. We are known for the pest control services in Australia and are honest service providers. We help to make your property pest-free and to feel better and prevent all possible pest attacks by giving the services. Just need to call us to get the best services for pest infestation control and prevention.

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    What We Do In Our Pest Control Works

    The very basic reason to hire pest control services is to protect your property from pest damage. The process that we follow is effective and performed with all rules and regulations which are essential for the safety of the customers. Our pest control treatment is influential and gives the best result. We apply one or more of these for a customer as per requirements.


    Inspection of the area

    We inspect the whole property by using the tools and equipment. We detect the pest infestation level and the type of pest infestation and prepare the pest removal method according to the property type.

    fumigation or fogging

    Fumigation Or Fogging

    The fumigation or fogging process is helpful to keep the small insects and small pests under control. This is a very effective way to keep the spiders, moths, ants, and fleas away and kill them professionally.

    pesticides spray

    Pesticides spray

    Pesticides sprays that we use for killing spiders, moths, ants, and fleas are effective and relevant. We ensure that you will be safe from pests if you are getting regular pest control services from Oz Pest Controllers.

    heat treatment

    Heat Treatment

    If you are dealing with the bed bug infestation on your property, then you can contact us. We will apply the heat treatment on your property to kill the bedbugs instantly. This procedure will protect you from bed bug issues and the problems caused by bedbug infestation.

    baits and repellents

    Baits and repellents Use

    We set baits and repellents for the rodents. Furthermore, we use this specific treatment for removing cockroaches and other small pests. This treatment is highly effective for rodent control.

    dead pest removal

    Dead pest removal

    After completion of the work, we remove dead pests. You can also hire us only for the dead pest removal services. We will not take any extra charge if you’re getting this service with the usual pest removal.

    possum box installation

    Possum Box Installation

    Possum box installation is also one of the services that can be hired by the people who are dealing with possum activities on their property.

    pest prevention tips

    Pest Prevention Tips

    Our service never ends with the completion of work, we also provide pest prevention tips. You will be capable of keeping your home pest-free with our professional pest prevention tips.

    Pest Control Service

    The Types of Pest Infestation And Our Professional Treatments To Control Them

    The main pest control services are mentioned below in which we are specialized. We cover mostly all types of pests in the list below. So, you can choose us for any pest control requirement matching these from your pest-infested property.

    cockroach control

    Cockroach Control

    We apply pesticides that are very effective to deal with the cockroach infestation. Cockroaches may spread the disease and may cause food poisoning. So, don’t ignore the problem and always keep your home protected.

    possum control

    Possum Removal

    If you are looking for possum removal services in Australia you can hire us as your service providers. We will give you the best pest removal services. We do possum box installation so that you can catch possums and we will help you out to relocate them professionally.

    Silverfish Control

    Silverfish Control

    Our professional pest controllers are also providing silverfish pest control services according to customer demand. We keep our pest controlling techniques up to date so that we can apply the best method to complete the task of pest control.

    borer control

    Borer Control

    Our customers can avail of the services of Borer Control in Australia. We are providing Borer Infestation treatment and protecting your home from the damages that could be caused by the Borers.

    moth control

    Moth Control

    Clothes and pantry items are one of the main attractive places for moths. Well, you can get rid of the moth from the pantry items and clothes by hiring professional moth controllers. We are proficient moth pest controllers to kill moths and other pests.

    flea control

    Flea Control

    We are providing flea control services for the customer’s convenient lifestyle. We provide the services with a professional reorganized method and treatment. Do not ignore the issue and prevent them from growing at your place with our treatment.

    bed bugs control

    Bed Bug Control

    With the help of our pest controllers, you can get rid of the bed bugs who are bloodsucking creatures and can cause itchy skin. If you are looking for bed bug infestation removal, you can contact us.

    wasp control

    Wasp Removal

    Hire always pest controllers from the company Oz Pest Controllers if wasps and their nests are creating problems on your property. You will get safe services. We have an experience of 20 + years in wasp removal.

    ant control

    Ant Control

    We are treating ant pests and keeping your place safe and protected from the mess. Ants can be the reason for the mess of dead insects as well as they are capable of ruining the grains and pulses. So, you should get the ant pest control treatments for removing ants.

    Spider Control

    Spider Control

    Our company, Oz Pest Controllers is also available to provide spider removal and spider web removal services. We used effective spray and eco-friendly equipment to control the spider infestation on your property. Just you need to get regular spider removal services for better and long-lasting results.

    rodent control

    Rodent Control

    Rodents can be a problem for your kids and pets as well as they can spread mess, damage things and may cause food poisoning. So, don’t ignore the problem and get rodent control services by hiring our company.

    flies control

    Flies Control

    Our professionals also provide flies control services with effective pesticides and repellents. Flies cause hazardous diseases. We have some definite techniques to kill flies and stop their growth near your property.

    bee control

    Bee Removal

    Our service providers are capable of offering you bee removal services while considering all safety precautions. We consider all necessary steps while removing the bees and bee nest. So, call us at Oz Pest Controllers.

    Professional Pest Control

    We Specialize In Many Pest Control Services, Choose Here Your Specific Service!

    You can avail of the specific pest control services from experts with specialization in the pest control industry. If you want to get the following service, come to us for better service results.

    Emergency and same-day pest control

    An Emergency Pest Control facility is available in our company. If you are looking for same-day and emergency pest control services with your preference, we can help you in the best way. We are working 24 hours and 7 days to give you convenient services.

    End of lease pest control

    If you are searching for the end of lease pest control, you can contact us. We will be the appropriate service provider for removing the pest infestation from your leased property or place. We will follow all the rules of your rental property while providing the services.

    Large area pest infestation treatment

    We offer you large area pest infestation treatment. We are capable of removing household pests no matter what kind of pest is attacking your home or damaging things on your property. We will tackle the situation.

    Eco-friendly pest treatment

    We also provide eco-friendly pest treatment so that you can keep your family safe from harsh pesticides. We provide our customers with many options to treat an infested place depending upon the type of pest. Eco-friendly pest control treatment is a wise choice.


    Pest Control Services

    Want Good Health? Get Regular Pest Control Services and Protect Your Family Members And Property

    Pests may cause several diseases which can be the reason for your bad health. They can also damage your property and repair costs may be higher. For your good health and property protection against pests, we ensure that our experts will make you happy with amazing pest control services. We follow all customer policies and try to give customer-friendly services to the people living in Australia. We have instant pest removal techniques. So, you can live a stress-free life by hiring us for pest control in Australia.

    Termite Control & Pre Purchase Inspections

    As a certified termite pest control company, we provide company managers with several different kinds of termite inspection services and maintenance plans that are all focused on helping keep your work environment safe as well as sanitary. Whether its termite control & treatment, termite prevention or damage/detection advice, termite baiting stations or termite chemical barriers we got you covered.  No matter if you are operating a store or a successful restaurant, trying to keep the pests outdoors is the master key to your prosperity. At Preventive Pest Control, you won’t even know we are there. We understand you don’t want anyone knowing about any sort of pest troubles you may have occurring, so we rapidly and very quietly come in and deal with each one of them for you.


    Improper cleaning and sanitation on your property are the main reasons. Season and weather changes can also be considered causes to attract pests to your property. Due to the temperature or effect of summer, water sources attract pests. In rainy seasons, many pests come outside from their hidden places. Well, there is no need to worry as we are here to help you.

    Insects, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and beetles can affect plants and greeneries. If you are dealing with this situation, you can contact us for Garden Pest Control.

    No, there is no need to remove the furniture, we will handle or tackle everything while controlling the pest infestation on your property.

    You can use it as a spray for removing spiders and ant infestation.

    Our pest management company is certified for performing pest control activities in both residential and commercial places.

    Our Professional Pest Control Service Regions In Australia

    Our pest controllers are available to serve in all commercial and residential places Australia-wide. We have a special presence in cities like Hobart, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane. We are available in eastern suburbs, western suburbs, southern suburbs and northern suburbs of these cities to provide the relevant pest control services with the possible efforts.

    • Western Australia- Perth
    • South Australia: Adelaide
    • Northern Territory: Darwin
    • Tasmania: Hobart & Launceston
    • Victoria: Melbourne
    • New South Wales: Sydney
    • ACT, NSW: Canberra
    • Queensland: Brisbane & Gold Coast
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