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Possum Removal Adelaide

Expert Possum Removal Service In Adelaide

Are you noticing the possum infestation marks on your property? Do you want advanced Possum Removal Adelaide services? Or are you in need of a certified and skilled possum exterminator to safeguard your premise? OZ Pest Controllers has several years of experience in controlling large possum infestations.  With a detailed inspection, we can easily assess the level of possum infestation at your property. Moreover, we use safe and effective solutions for treating possums. Even during the inspection, we use modern tools and technology for checking the level of possum infestation. Also with this, we suggest some tips for preventing the possum infestation at your house. And with the best Possum Removal in Adelaide, we analyse their behaviour and provide trouble-free controlling service. Therefore, contact us at 0488 851 508 for a quick possum removal service.

Possum Removal Service In Adelaide

Why Is Possum Removal Service Necessary? 

Though possums love living in small groups yet they cause intense damage to your property. 

  • Possum is the best climber and has access to your house roof. Thus this possum damages your roof, gutters, and many more. 
  • Possums are famous for making waste in large amounts. Moreover, the droppings of possums are very smelly. And can spread various pathogens and health risks to your family. Also, possums are famous for spreading diseases like tuberculosis.
  • Once the possum enters your premise, then they will make everything mess inside your house. Possums will eat up the food of the pets and thus leave their food scraps everywhere. Moreover, possums will also make a hole in your floor. 
  • Further, possums are so unpredictable that they can even chew insulation, air ducts, wire and plumbing. 
  • Also, a possum adds a nuisance to your peaceful life. Thus possums make loud scratching noises and create many forms of debris. 

Possums love living in specific places. Therefore if they take shelter in your house once, then the possum can live there till death. Thus, if you don’t want to damage your property hire our Possum Removal Adelaide service.

How You Can Confirm The Possum Infestation?

Possums are marked as nocturnal pests and they love living in hidden, darker areas of your home. Therefore, you may not be capable of seeing the possum infestation physically on your property. Well with the following signs you can easily confirm the possum infestation: 

  • Damage on the outer or exterior part of your property. And the exterior part includes damaged siding, ripped soffit, broken gutters and many more. 
  • The disappearance of your pet’s food and mess at your house due to the spilling of food products. However, possums are much more attracted to the cat’s food. Therefore if your cat’s food is disappearing, then your house is suffering from possums. 
  • You will hear some scratching noise. Also, you can see the appearance of scratches on the floor. Thus, with this, you can confirm the possum infestation. 
  • The possum makes a range of shrieking, hissing etc. Even mother possums make some weird sounds for signaling the babies. 
  • If you smell some bad odour at your house, this will make your house environment unhygienic. 

Even though possums are very harmful to your property, you cannot kill them as it is illegal. Our experts in Possum Removal in Adelaide are licensed for eliminating them.

Process We Follow For Removing Possums

Our possum catcher follows four stages for eliminating them. Thus with the below-given process, we save your property from possums. 

  • Inspection: Our possum trapper will visit your house for the inspection. Thus in the inspection, we will identify the possum species. Moreover, we will also find the level of infestation. And also examine the damages at your property due to possum infestation. 
  • Treatment Plan: According to the inspection we will make an effective treatment plan. Thus the type of plan includes the elimination of possums, expected outcome and many more. Hence will update the treatment plan for you before working on it. 
  • Possum Removal: For eliminating the possum we use the trapping method. Moreover, we will control possums 50 meters away from them. We will even seal up all the entry and exit points at your place. 
  • Prevention: After the best possum removal Adelaide service we will also advise you on some prevention tips. Even we also discuss some DIY methods for controlling the possum:
    • Keep the pet’s food, especially the cats eating stuff in an airtight container. 
    • Eliminate the clutter from and around your property. As possums hide in the clutter. 
    • Trim the trees and plants so that no possum will climb your roof with the help of branches. 
    • Do a regular inspection of your property to see the damage caused due to possums infestation.

Why Choose Us For The Possum Removal Adelaide Service?

We have a team of insured experts for removing a possum from your house safely. Moreover, we are renowned for delivering strong and Reliable Possum Removal Adelaide services. In other words, we will eliminate possums from your space with minimal stress. Following are some reasons to hire our possum removal service:

  • Quick and same-day possum removal service in Adelaide
  • Have certified and fully bonded experts for controlling possum 
  • Use family-friendly possum removal service 
  • Available for both commercial and residential properties 
  • Customer Satisfaction


What Is The Major Difference Between The Possum And The Rat?

Both possums and rats have hairless tails in their body. Moreover, opossums are nocturnal whereas rats are both nocturnal and diurnal. Also, possums are herbivores on the other hand rats are omnivores. These above are the common differences between the possum and the rat.

How Much Time Is Required To Control Possums?

Controlling the possum requires a lot of time and patience. Well, we follow many standards and techniques for controlling the possum. Well, approx 2-3 hrs is required for controlling the possums.

How Much Do You Ask For Controlling Possums?

Well to control possum, the cost depends on many factors. But we can assure you that we offer affordable possum removal services to you.

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