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Moth Treatment Melbourne

Look For Our Melbourne Team If You Are In Immediate Need Of Moth Control Services

OZ Pest Controllers offers you satisfying services that regain your peace of mind about moths and the problems their infestation creates. Whether it’s the contamination of food, financial losses or other damages to fabrics, we resolve everything for you. As a qualified moth Removal Melbourne team, we deliver timely manner Moth Treatment Melbourne when you contact us for same-day or emergency services. We are available for pre-purchase moth pest inspection and control service too.

Moreover, we take answering your enquiries regarding moth pest control cost as our responsibility as it is one of the main concerns of many. We mind all your moth pest issues as ours and make sure to provide efficient and complete solutions to solve them. Being discreet, we offer the No.1 carpet moth extermination service to get rid of those carpet moths in a single attempt itself. For more details on this, contact us at 0488 851 508.

Know The Moth Species Found In Melbourne & Their Signs

Do you want to immediately want to know a few signs of moth types so that you can easily differentiate and identify them in your place? Look at our explanation then. We listed out a few important signs like where you can usually look for them, the food they consume and their appearance.

Brown House Moths

Ranging from 8 to 14 mm length in size, brown house moths are categorised into males and females; where males are smaller in comparison with females. When coming to the wingspan of Brown house moths ranges between 17 to 25 mm. If you find the grains in your containers connected by silken cocoons or materials, then you can take it as a sign of brown house moth infestation. If your home has this type of moth, then you frequently see the excrement of moths like silk around you. There will also be irregular holes in the everyday commodities you placed in your kitchen.

Mediterranean Flour Moth

Mediterranean flour moths attack products that are cereals and in particular that are made of different flour types. Moreover, larvae of this particular moth are so capable that they can even cause mechanical issues in the machinery of a factory. These are also known as mill moths because they prefer meal flour and foodstuff made from grains. An adult Mediterranean flour moth has a body length of 20 mm with pale grey forewings and dirty hindwings. A Mediterranean flour moth’s damages and developments are similar to that of Indian meal moths.

Pantry Moth

Did you find moths flying around in your food storage facility? High alert! This is the greatest sign of your Australian property having active pantry moths. Because you are unknowingly sharing your dried fruits, spices, pasta, flour, cereals, grains and many more food items with them. If you are already sharing all their favourites, they build their habitat in your storage facilities itself in a hidden corner. Pantry moths also damage packed food by making holes in them, creating webbing on their package lines, etc. Pantry moths also cause unpleasant odours in products made in cereals and flour products.

Case-Making Clothes Moth

There are many signs of case-making clothes moths that unity keeps in your mind to prevent your clothing from getting damaged by them. You mostly encounter them in your wardrobes, on upholstery, carpets and curtains. Usually, they damage your fabrics if they are made of wool for synthetics and cotton blends as these are the primary food they feed on. Of these case-making clothes moths where one is a webbing clothes moth and another is the case-making clothes moth itself. Confirming their presence is easy because of the reddish brown hairs on the top of their heads with golden fringed wings.

Luna Moth

These are rarely found in areas where human activity is common because they maintain a respectable distance from the human population. However, there are still a few numbers of Luna moths that come in contact with human residential and commercial spaces. This is because they get attracted to lightbulbs lit during the evening times of the day. Besides this, like other moth types, Luna moths are active during the night and their species stretch throughout Australia. You can also identify them if you find a moth consuming foliage of pecans, sweetgums, walnuts, sumacs, hickories and persimmons.

White Moth

White moths often have white as their body colour but there are also a few subspecies in them that have different-sized black spots on them. Because of its colour, you can quickly identify and confirm its presence. You can check for their activity in dark locations of your property like closets, attics, basements and under sinks of bathrooms. If you are checking for white moths in your closet, then thoroughly check for them in the folds of your fabrics; as they prefer hiding in fabric corners like below collars. You also need to know that most of the white moths are cabbageworm adults that later turn into small green caterpillars.

List Of Moth Damages To Your Melbourne Property & Yourself

From residential homes to commercial manufacturing industries, moths have their victims which cannot come from their threats and attacks. This in turn serves the damages to both those premises with no reversing solutions. Some of the important damages a moth infestation causes are listed here.

  • Loss Of Finances: If your home has an antique painting or wallpaper, you face loss of Finances as they cannot be repaired. Moths chew those items beyond recognition if there is a large-scale infestation at your home.
  • Damages To Fabrics: Whenever moths pick to stay at a place to live and lay eggs, their option is always fabrics like clothes, carpets and upholstery. You can see these damages when you find holes in your fabrics, wear and tear that cannot be reversed.
  • Damage Even Packed Food: Moths even damage-packed food such as grains, cereals, flour, beans, dry fruits, nuts, spices and chocolates. Moths even damage dry animal food be it packed or kept in open spaces.
  • Causes You Stress: Preferring to stay active during the night, moths cause you stress by flying in your faces and around you. Moreover, they also annoy you by making sounds from dark and hidden corners of your property.
  • Losses To Commercial Spaces: More than residential premises, commercial spaces face a lot more damage. Some important places are warehouses, factories, shopping malls and depots.

Exclusive 3-Step Moth Control Treatment We Follow

Moths might directly not attack you or threaten you, but they still influence your health negatively and lead you to financial losses. So, prevent them from damaging your health and Yes, you can expect to avail of effective pre-purchase inspection and control services for moth pests once you make an appointment with OZ Pest Controllers. If your property has no moths or moth infestations, we charge you only for inspection work. property from all sides with our experts’ help. On contacting us you can avail of our 3-step moth treatment as follows:

  1. Moth Inspection

Our moth Removal Melbourne treatment of your property starts with an in-detail moth inspection. Because inspection plays a key role in finding the root cause of moth infestation severity. This step also involves the determination of the moth type in your Melbourne property.

  1. Special Chemical Treatment

Not to lose any more chances, we quickly customise a Moth Treatment Melbourne plan that involves the use of specific chemicals. These chemicals are used all over your property from kitchens and curtains to wardrobes and gardens. Here, we maintain transparency by showing what are the aftereffects of our specific chemical treatment.

  1. Moth Prevention Advice

We do not just leave your property with specific chemical treatment and offer you free prevention advice. This moth prevention advice gives you effective results in the long run and those results are long-lasting. One of the most helpful tips is to store and seal all food items in airtight containers.

We Have Different Teams For Residential And Commercial Moth Treatments

Call our moth control Melbourne team even on Sundays if you want to book us for residential or commercial space service. By keeping quality services and affordable Moth Treatment Melbourne as our priority, you get more and more benefits as you keep hiring us. You can also get referrals for our services for private homes, schools, colleges and dorms in Melbourne. For this, you have to search for “residential moth control near me”.

Based and operated in Melbourne, we are commercial customers’ favourite for moth caterpillar control services. And some of the frequent customers we receive from Melbourne are cafes, sports facilities, restaurants, medical centres, shops and more. If moths in your chocolate factories are keeping you in constant financial loss, then it is time to pick up your phone and book us right away. As a restaurant owner, you can hire us for pantry moths extermination service.

Now, Home And Carpet Moth Treatments Even In Case Of Emergencies

We made it our duty to always combine technology and techniques in emergency home and carpet moth control Melbourne services. This way, you can notice that we reach your place within 1 hour of our dispatched time to do a thorough moth infestation removal. From one premise to another in Melbourne, we are favourites of locals there for our timely manner moth control in house and carpets.

Even in emergencies, if a standard method is not applicable for carpet moths extermination at your property, then we customise one on the spot. So, whether you are an owner of an apartment or managing an eatery, be worry-free to contact us for emergency home and carpet moth caterpillar control services. We are always ready to protect your place and your privacy from moth invasions.

Merits After Contacting And Hiring Our Melbourne Team

From contacting us for a Melbourne property inspection to availing of any of our Moth Treatment Melbourne, you always gain merits from us. We provide same-day moth control in-house treatments within 24 hours of slot bookings or form filling. Also, we are open to alternative payment options other than cash and you get other merits like,

  • Specialised Teams: By treating your properties for different moth species, we train specialised teams. These teams have different specialisations in winter, pantry and cloth Moth Treatment Melbourne.
  • Customised Mouth Treatments: Time, standardised mouth treatments don’t work and hence we customise them on particular occasions. Therefore, rest assured that we remove the moth infestations in your home and give you desirable results.
  • Certified And Verified Experts: Our moth control Melbourne team of experts are certified as well as verified for their work in this industry. Moreover, they also undergo background checks before superior-level experts particularly train them.
  • Pocket-Saving Prices: The prices you find our team costing you for moth caterpillar control are pocket-saving. Moreover, we also maintain complete transparency so you can look at our charged sheet where you can find service costs.
  • Approved Solutions Are Used: All the Moth Treatment Melbourne solutions we use are authorised by the law as they are tested before use. Also, we use only those solutions that are manufactured and marked as green solutions as they are safe.
  • Offer Obligation-Free Quote: We also offer obligation-free quotes for Melbourne locals if we get a request upon completing our moth control treatment. You can avail of this obligation-free quote by filling out our form or by directly calling us.

FAQs on Moth Treatment Melbourne

Is integrated pest control applicable to moths too?

Yes, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is applicable for moths too as the main aim of IPM is to minimise overall pest colonies implementing different methods. IPM also sees to it that the prevention of moths and damages they cause to your property is done on a long-term basis.

What kind of equipment does your moth control Melbourne team use?

When it comes to moth removal in Melbourne services, our experts use the latest, advanced, up-to-date marked with no mechanical issues equipment. So, you can feel rest assured that we do not ask our clients to buy them during moth caterpillar control treatment.

Do you provide bookings for pest control carpet moths on weekends?

Yes, because of our flexible work timings, we provide bookings for pest control carpet moths even on weekends and national holidays. Thus, pick up your call to book any of our moth control services today in Melbourne at budget-friendly prices.

Does your company charge extra moth exterminator cost?

No, we do not take any kind of extra moth exterminator cost as we count to charge only for the moth control treatment as a whole. Therefore, you can now be worry-free from thoughts that concern you with extra charges or hidden payments.

Can I expect pre-purchase inspection and control services for moth pests from your company?

Yes, you can expect to avail effective pre-purchase inspection and control services for moth pests once you make an appointment with us. If your property has no moths or moth infestations, we charge you only for inspection work.

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